03/08/2009 17:16

ISCSPM attained the highest hits for two days

  According to the WebNode Statistics, ISCSPM has the highest daily hits  within the first  two days (01/Aug/2009-707 hits; 02/Aug/2009-551 hits = 1258 hits) of August, 2009 compared to April, 2009 that garnered the highest monthly total hits of 1260 for the first...


27/07/2009 19:54

Genes oh Genes: Will Genetics be rewritten?

  "Mispelled DNA"; "Only a small fraction of  disease" follows the Mendelian rule.... researches have deciphered a lot that makes the "Book of Life" not just the last stop in disease analyses and understanding. "A revolution sweeping biology today is changing scientific thinking about the...


27/07/2009 19:38

Leroy Hood's P4- Predictive, Personalized, Preventive and Participatory: Future Medicine

  Dr. Leroy Hood wrote an article titled "A Doctor's Vision of Future Medicine" and  emphasized the essential P4- Predictive, Personalized, Preventive and Participatory. This will bring a lot of changes not just in research but also in medical education. For a complete reading of...


06/12/2008 17:40

NORD sent an invitation re: Rare Disease Day Observance on February 28, 2009

  The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) sent an email invitation to Prof. Isidro A. T. Savillo regarding the observance of February 28, 2009 as the Rare Disease Day. We, at the ISCSPM (International Society for Collaborating Scientists in...


16/08/2008 11:52

History of ISCSPM

       It all started during the announcement of Personalized Medicine in 2005 during the International Programme of the Int'l Society for Molecular and Cell Biology Protocols and Researches, Inc. I sent an announcement through the ScientistSolutions looking for...


01/08/2008 00:00

Family Counseling in the Post Genomic Era

   Family Counseling in the Post Genomic Era- Families will now include genetic elaborations as part of their family counseling and guidance especially with their young children. Commonly, in some parts of tropical Asia, it is known that the "undesirable genes" start to appear more or...