Personalized Medicine is getting increasing attention worldwide...

03/09/2009 17:54


Personalized Medicine is getting increasing attention as recorded by webnode statistics for  ISCSPM (International Society for Collaborating Scientists in Personalized Medicine).
August 1- 31, 2009 record shows- 12127 hits, 738 visits and 242 unique visitors  very far from the past individual monthly tallies for 2009.  The top 10 visitors  led by the U.S.A. , followed by the Philippines, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Singapore, Pakistan, Great Britain and Taiwan. As of 01 to 03/ Sept./2009, webnode was able to record 36 unique visitors, 50 visits, 1011 hits and the top ten visitors in correct order are  U.S.A.,  Japan,  Singapore, China, France, Russian Federation, Philippines, Canada, Czech Republic and Germany.