History of ISCSPM

16/08/2008 11:52


     It all started during the announcement of Personalized Medicine in 2005 during the International Programme of the Int'l Society for Molecular and Cell Biology Protocols and Researches, Inc. I sent an announcement through the ScientistSolutions looking for collaborators in this field. And Luckily Dr. Steven AR Murphy having a great interest in this area answered the call and a year after he established the Gene Sherpa blog. From thereon, he is known as the Founder of Personalized Medicine Practice while working as a Clinical Genetics Fellow at Yale University. In the year 2006, I decided to organize the ISCSPM or the International Society for Collaborating Scientists in Personalized Medicine and in the year 2008, I decided to start activating ISCSPM with Dr. Steven AR Murphy as the first President.

  We are now open for membership for enthusiastic professionals worldwide. Please send us an email if you are interested to join or if you have any questions regarding ISCSPM. We welcome membership from physicians and scientists throughout the world!