06/12/2015 15:57

University's College of Dentistry wants Personal Care for Cancer

  Please click this link:


30/08/2015 19:31

Personalized Medicine is nil in third world countries- Physicians as Drug Stores

Medicines that are badly needed  could not be procured in drug stores because they need prescriptions from physicians. That's correct.   Unfortunately, these drugs could not be bought as expected due to lack of money  therefore these are not in the level of personalized medicine care...


31/01/2015 06:44

President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

  Here is the Link-


11/01/2015 15:37

What causes these random mutations? On Cancer-

  JHU released a study that states 2/3 of all cancer cases are due to random mutations and these are attributed to "bad luck". But the latter is not the reason why these people have cancer. These random mutations have answers and why they behave so. I know that this is a more challenging work...


15/01/2014 21:46

Announcement from ISCSPM

Official Call for the International Staffing of officers, regional, country representatives and members of ISCSPM. Please use ISCSPM's email address for your inquiry and interest. Spread the word. An  OMICS (OMICS stand for studies/techniques known as metabolomics, genomics,...


04/01/2014 19:27

OMICS Group is inviting ISCSPM for an Affiliation

  An OMICS group is inviting ISCSPM for an affiliation. This could further bring ISCSPM to worldwide attention. It is now encouraged that countries as well as individuals interested in PM, to please come in contact with us for membership. The earlier the better. Thanks. `Prof. Isidro T....


01/11/2013 10:18

Scientists are looking forward to individualized treatments for each patient

  Patients  like those having cancer have their genetic variants for the disease and there is a trend now for scientists working with gene variants of the disease to look into individualized treatment of specific patients. They have to focus on the patient's own specific genetic...


25/06/2013 15:41

Mexico's Country Designate to ISCSPM

Dr. Bernard Esquivel MD, Master in Immunogenomics and Master in Health Administration is the CEO of the Total Quality Medicine. TQM is Health company in Mexico that provides all - the country's top quality medical services and medical products. One of the main activities is theTQMedicine...


12/07/2012 14:10

Molecule of the Year 2011 is BMP7

The  2011 Molecule of the Year is BMP7 as announced by ISMCBBPR Here are the...


29/04/2012 17:32

Epigenetics - as part of Post Genomic Science

  Post Genomic Science include not only the results of the extensive sequencing and mapping of the numerous human genes and their corresponding functions but may also comprise the analysis of epigenetic characteristics or inheritance. Epigenetic scientific researches are now ongoing such...